Philippines Rebreather Courses

JJ-CCR Courses

The JJ Rebreather is designed around versatility and the ability to 'service in the field'. The end result is a unit which has been successfully used on some o the most extreme diving projects in the world.

We offer Philippines Rebreather training on the JJ-CCR from Entry Level through to Mixed Gas courses and can supply a new unit or provide rental units for any new JJ-CCR divers.

Hammerhead CCR Courses

The Hammerhead CCR is a full expedition grade CCR, offering various counterlung configuration options and different scrubber and canister sizes the unit can be customised to suit the diver.

CCR Diving in Anilao

The majority of 'known' diving is Anilao is focused on macro diving or shallow reef. We are able to provide CCR diving support of tanks, sofnalime and boosted gas fills as well as guide on some of the deeper reefs and walls which CCR divers can spend more time exploring.

All CCR courses are normally based from Anilao or Puerto Galera, however other locations in the Philippines or overseas can be arrnaged.

CCR Diving Courses

All course prices are correct at time of publication, however please ensure the agreed course price is confirmed in any correspondence prior to commencement any course or paying any deposits