Project Anilao Deep

Exploration and Documentation of the Anilao Deep

Anilao Exploration

Project Anilao Deep is an initiative to document deeper dive sites around the Anilao peninsular and surrounding area. This will include 'known' sites, sites not commonly known but known to our team and the exploration of new deeper New Anilao Dive Sites.

Documentation of sites allows safer and better planned technical dives to be made with meaningful bottom times; this avoids the 'bounce to depth and see nothing' performed by many new technical divers.

Project Dives

Philippines Technical Diving

Project dives are all about putting the deep diving skills we have into full use in achieving meaningful outcomes. The longer our bottom time can be the better to allow more to be accomplished, therefore we tend to make much longer dives in a project enviroment.

Longer dives do introduce another level of difficulty with decompression and we're always looking for suitably skilled divers who can join us as either project divers or as support divers. If you feel you have the skills required, or would be interested in developing the skills required, just get in touch via email and we can see if we can utilise your abilities in upcoming project dives.

Project Equipment Used

Anilao Technical Diving

Project type dives normally need significant logistics, the equipment required to carry out detailed survey works or conduct meaningful deep exploration work can be significant.

A clear head is essential in surveying and evaluating new sites, therefore our dives are all conducted using trimix blends. Most initial and deep dives are made using Closed Circuit Rebreathers, Advanced Propulsion Vehicles are used for increasing travel distances and reducing workload, while a large number of reels and lines are always needed for recording sites!