About Us

About Us

JJ CCR Philippines Rebreather

Pro-Tech Philippines was established in 2014 by Karl Hurwood and Mathew Partridge. The aim was to set-up a world-class  Philippines Technical Divingtraining facility within a short drive of Manila.

Based in Anilao, Batangas; Pro-Tech Philippines offers outstanding diving and near-perfect training conditions for courses of all levels. From still, shallow sandy entry level locations through to ripping currents over spectacular reef or deep walls into the abyss - we have it here in Anilao.

We offer courses from entry level diving, right through to mixed-gas rebreather training. We also host several dive trip each year and run several projects within the Anilao area to utilise the skills of some of the best divers in the Philippines.

We can hold all Diving Lessons in Manila and our home 'wet-base' in Anilao, Batangas.

Training With Us


If it's world class training within a safe environment you are looking for you've found the right place. We have a stong emphasis on both team diving and 'zero impact' diving (aka not touching the bottom).

All of of courses are conducted well above any agency standards to ensure our divers are a step above the others. All courses are held in sites well known to us with emergency assistance in place if the unlikely event ever occurs. We're also within 1 hour of one of the best recompression chambers in the Philippines.

Our Facilities


We work with several facilities within the Philippines to ensure our classes can be held in the optimum surroundings.

We have our own rental cylinders for twin sets, stage bottles and CCR tanks in addition to a full range of technical equipment such as lights, regulators, BC+Wings and recreational diving equipment. We also own our own electrical booster pump meaning we can always provide fills or top-off for any technical mixes up to 200 bar.