Dive Courses in Manila and Anilao, Philippines

How Can I Start Diving?

This is about the most common question we get from new divers.

The main prerequisites we ask for are to be comfortable in the water and be physically fit to dive.

Comfortable in the water does not mean you need to be Michael Phelps, but it does mean you should comfortable swimming atleast 8-10 laps of a 25m pool without stopping. We'd strongly recommend taking swimming classes before trying diving if this isn't you - we promise you'll get a lot more out of any course this way.

I Just Want Try Diving First

For anyone not quite sure on if they will like diving or not there is the trial diving experience. This gives you the benefit of getting into the water (relatively) quickly after some basic classes to see how you find the ability to breath underwater.

We can provide try dive experiences here in Manila/Makati and can also follow-up with a 'real' dive at some of the beginner sites in Anilao, Batangas if you want to see the real diving experience in action.

I Want to Become a Certified Diver!

The first step is to become an Open Water Diver, after this your certified to dive with other certified divers upto 18m/60ft in depth.

We normally suggest classes through the Scuba Diving International, or SDI agency. SDI is a globally recognised agency and accepted Worldwide as a premium diving agency.

Our courses go well beyond minimum Agency standards and focus on diver buoyancy and comfort in the water - you won't find divers we've trained kneeling or standing on the bottom or kicking up sand.

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